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Help secure and decentralize Cardano. Earn passive income with your ADA.


Adagio Pool will be retiring for the time being. Please move your stake out of AGIO and delegate to a new pool. Thank you everyone who has delegated to my pool. I plan to start up AGIO again in the future when I have more time and focus to run it. Thank you again for your support.

My Story

I'm just an average guy who took a keen interest in Cardano in 2019. I'm an avid gamer, pickup basketball-er, and self-proclaimed chef. During the day I work at a software company, but I've always dreamed of using my skill set outside of work and on a larger scale. For now, I'm just running a stake pool, but in the future, I want to help build up the Cardano dApp ecosystem.

My Commitment

I am fully committed to securing and decentralizing Cardano. Further, I am fully committed to supporting my delegators and listening to the Cardano community. I will always act in full transparency and maintain high standards of stake pool operation. I am not looking for big profit, just enough to cover costs of running and maintenance. When stake pool operation is more smooth, I will switch my attention to dApp development.


I am leveraging the power and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host my pool. With AWS I can ensure high uptime, security, and scalability. In the future, as the network requires more processing power, I will be able to seamlessly scale up my operation to meet those demands.


How do I earn passive income?

Safe Rewards

Staking allows you to use your ADA to generate passive income. Your ADA never leaves your wallet which means your funds will never be compromised by staking. Further, your ADA is never locked, meaning you are free to move it around even while staking.  

How does Adagio Pool help?

Security and Decentralization

The more block producing pools, the more secure and decentralized Cardano. Thus, by producing blocks, Adagio helps the security and decentralization of Cardano. Adagio stake pool is also a gateway into staking for people unable to operate stake pools. Coming from a more technical background, I want to help the less technical be able to participate in staking with Cardano.


Pick Your Wallet


  1. Daedalus

  2. Yoroi

  3. AdaLite

You can choose to use any of the wallets listed on the left. I will show to delegate with Daedalus.


Search For Adagio

The current ranking is low due to low stake and block production. The actual pool has been running extremely smoothly since the beginning of Shelley.

First, click on the second icon in the side bar. Then, select Stake Pools and search for "agio".


Delegate Your Stake

Use to track pool performance. You can also use Pegasus Tool on mobile. Huge thanks to PEGA, LOVE, and SKY for these amazing tools.

Click on "Delegate to this pool". You are now delegated to Adagio! Rewards are distributed the 2nd epoch, 10 days, following a minted block. 

Contact Me

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Thanks for submitting!

Telegram: @adagiopool